What is progressive?, What is progressive?

What is Progressive? …and why there are no pros in progressive education!

Progressive Education: attending to the whole child, community, collaboration, social justice, intrinsic motivation, deep understanding, active learning, and taking kids seriously – Alfie Kohn, “Why it is Hard to Beat, But also Hard to Find”.

These elements are the pieces to the progressive education puzzle. These pieces are easy to pick up, place down, and interlock together; but keeping these pieces together and thriving is much more difficult. The fact is that there is no Pro in progressive education and there shouldn’t be. As educators, we should always be striving for best practices and changing with needs of the children, environment, and circumstances. Embracing these pieces and adopting other developmentally appropriate practices ensures that we give our best to the children and the arena of education. Pro implies perfection – Education is never perfected – It is ever evolving and transforming. Join the journey: share and learn about how progressive education ignites children and teachers with the joy of lifelong learning.


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