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For the <3 Love of Play


For the Love of Play!

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Play brings Joy – Happiness – and purpose to our lives!  PLAY simply should exist in children’s lives (and adults) for the LOVE of PLAY!

Yet, we are still wanting evidence that it somehow supports academic progress, success, and proves PLAY has a deeper purpose!  Guess what!  It does!

So while my tiny voice inside mimics Gandini’s Reggio voice from a conference a few years ago, in saying “You Americans!  Always obsessed with evidence and product!”  I will also meet you half way and tell you where to find your toolkit!  Fill it up!  And use it well!  Advocate for PLAY!  Study it!  Defend it!  and better yet practice it!  PLAY! (I don’t care if you are 5 or 99!  You need to PLAY!)

Pile of Evidence:


Have resources on the value of play?  Please share!




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