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In my regular busyness of life and engaging in reflective practices while also embarking on a journey of bridging advocacy with poetry – my blogging has seemed to dwindle. But the thing about writers and EC people is your brain is always firing. My brain is always firing! So much so I wish I could shut it off at times and actually get a full round of sleep or through a whole session of meditation. Lately when quieting the fire I have been thinking about how I ended up here in the first place and it really comes down to building a strong foundation. So in honor of strong foundations I will be sending out a blitz of resources that contributed to my foundation as an early childhood educator and advocate. I will try to credit the sources as much as possible but some of these are being yanked from my secret hidden pile collected over the years. So apologies in advance for any thievery. I think I will take a break from squawking and ranting and just kick out a bunch of building blocks for the next few weeks. Hope they inspire and intrigue you. With out further adieu…

My first building block (in no order or preference or importance):


p.s.  Click to enlarge and clear up a bit, as I said these are from my pile so many will be snap shots.  And if anyone knows the origin of this awesome piece I would love to credit it!  🙂


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