Take a Moment to Speak for Voices that are often unheard, the children of today…

Child Rights and Advocacy

We go along our busy lives and it is not that we mean to not spend time advocating for children but we get caught up the moments of everyday and put the task aside.  Each day that passes becomes another day of silence because even those that know a child’s voice must be heard puts the task aside for later.  Take a moment today to just do one act of advocacy.  Become involved in change making.

The other day I had an email in my inbox that I kept pushing a day ahead.  I finally thought to myself – why am I ignoring this.  When I clicked it open I spent a quick ten minutes advocating for education funds.  I took the NAEYC form letter below and put my own tweaks and spins into it and then sent it off to the politicians (Obama and the Senators of CA).  Now I know that I am just one little voice that will get thrown on the top of the desk or inbox but I have to believe if everyone keeps trekking forward change is bound to happen someday soon.  The nation will hear the child’s voice and be called into action for the rights of children.  So take a moment to visit the page and click on the Take Action tab.  Then follow the proper steps and clicks before pasting this letter in.  Make the tweaks you prefer and hit send.  It will blast a few politicians in a matter of minutes with a call out to fund education in the early years (Now if you are me you added words such as concrete experiences, PLAY, quality, and then also spent a few moments to tear up scripted and splinter skill curriculum.  But that is me).  Don’t stop here!  Keep scrolling down and read more before taking this step because there is another step too!

Sample message: 
I am your constituent, and I want you to make significant increased federal investments in early childhood education.  Research shows the importance of quality early development and learning experiences for young children. Noted economists agree that these investments benefit all taxpayers by reducing more costly special education and remedial education, juvenile crime, and school dropout.
A new poll confirms several polls conducted last year that a majority of voters support a greater investment by Congress in early childhood education, starting with birth and through the preschool years.  The poll shows strong bipartisan support: 60% of Republicans, 68% of Independents, and 84% of Democrats think federal investment in high-quality early childhood programs is a good idea.
Children deserve your action now.  When you invest in high-quality, affordable early childhood education, you help families work and children thrive and be successful in school and life – and everyone benefits.
What is the next step?  
Now that you know how to use this handy dandy little TAKE ACTION link put it to good use.  Use it to send more letters about advocacy for children.  Since I was already on a roll I decided to remind local and national officials of the importance of ratifying the document The Rights of the Child.  Don’t know what it is?  Look at the letter below for the link.  Unsure why other nations adopted it in the 20s and we have yet to still do so?  Me too.  Like what you see and want to advocate for it?  Go ahead copy my letter and send it in.
Sample Message
Each day people spend time advocating for a cause – often one that
directly impacts them; whether the cause is related to finances,
education, health, or other relevant human experiences.  However, many
people forget to take time to advocate for those whom have no voice in the
political world – children.  To this day child rights are not addressed
with the same crucial importance as other issues.  I am taking a moment to
honor this and speak for the rights of children by asking why do we not
put the rights of children on the list of top priorities?  Why do other
countries take the time to protect, honor, and nurture children while the
United States will not even ratify the Declaration of the Rights of a
Child?  It is heart breaking to see us ignore this critical issue while
other nations take a step forward.  The original document has existed
since 1923 and we still refuse to be a part of this beautiful mission in
the best interest of the children.  It is reflective of how we are behind
in providing quality education, quality health care, quality mental health
support, and quality domestic protective services for today’s American
children.  My plea is to reconsider our current state of inaction and take
a moment to move in the right direction to serve children with the
ratification of this Declaration.  The UNICEF site provides an outline of
the declaration for reference:
Please take a moment to review and advocate for the children of today and
One, Two, Three
Go!  Go now!  Go fast!  Start helping your state, the nation, the world!  – hear the voice of the child just as you do.
“Be the change you wish to see” – Gandhi 


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