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The Toll of Testing …

“To the bigwigs at Pearson, your child is just a number, a statistic.”    (excerpt from link below)  

And since schools spend a huge chunk of the year prepping your child and administering tests from Pearson and companies like Pearson what are we saying schools view children as or as a society as a whole?  

Food for thought… in this next link is a posting from just another blogger.  I can’t verify her experience or even give credit to the truthfulness of her post but it gives a scary perspective to what happens after a student is put through the process of testing.

I can’t say I even agree to submitting students to the stress and rigor of testing in the first place.  I feel the validity of test scores are questionable.  But even if we don’t consider who writes the questions, why these specific questions are even considered good measures of a student’s intelligence, or how appropriate it is to gauge student success by a single assessment each year without considering their whole human development – Even if we don’t… and we still end up to the point where we submit the piles of answers for scoring… what happens then?

How accurate are they graded?

Are they real reflections of a child’s answers?

Are these answers accurately representing what a student knows and has learned?

Are these questions representative of valuable knowledge?

It scares me to think how inaccurate or how lacking in valuable content the questions and data on a test are from the start and then to consider it being skewed afterwards is even scarier.

Visit this link to consider your perspective on the validity of testing and test scores:

Common Core, Testing, and Opting out in NYS:

Will Pearson continue to thrive in states like NY or will activists inspire change?

Pearson has been linked to many testing controversies, including brand placement in testing:

The toll of testing seems to be hitting the forefront of the education field, students, teachers, and families on a daily basis.  There is a lot of buzz and some advocates pushing for opting out.  One can only hope that enough buzz and push back will change education in a way that will end test-driven curriculum and high stakes testing.  

Opt-out in CA:

Opt-out in NYS:

Take a moment to research and be informed on testing.  Explore the controversies!  Explore your perspectives!  

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