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Missing in Action

I know, I know!  All of a sudden this blog was on fire and then it seemed to just freeze!  It is called the end of the year race.

human race

First it was the slam of the end of the year and then it was recovery mode.  We do summer programming at my school so one door closed and another opened – suddenly I found myself with no time or energy to post.  Like a mini-episode of teacher burn out!  But there is nothing better to cure teacher burn out then the children doing amazing things – just revives the soul!  So!!!!  I am finally back in the swing of things – always busy but now ready to get back into posting.  Sorry for the hiatus – but back into full swing we go!

For starters catch a few sensory-sational newbies on the sensory-sational tab!  How do you salt?  Yep – check under S for salt and then scroll down to T for Tempera Ice Cubes (not your average adventure because this simple cube is being added to a EC favorite – shaving cream!).  That should keep you recharged for your tables and messy play for a day or two.

Let’s talk about politics!  I know, yes it is not what I want to really talk about but the reality is that as advocates we have to be on the up and up with this.  I am not going to say that I am great on this front but I try to stay a bit in the loop.  Here are a few things to check up on:

Support the Rally for Babies – advocate for early learning initiatives:

Follow the public policy world for EC by becoming a children’s champion.  Join the email list to get updates on what is happening with policy, funding, and impacts on the EC community.  Help be a decision maker! –

Explore Children’s Rights and how to get involved (The links below are related to big picture advocacy efforts but there are many local ways to advocate for children as well – PTA, Board of Ed, Public Policy groups through NAEYC affiliates, and list goes on…)  Check these out and then find your niche:

Have you heard of TED talks?  I am in love with a few progressive education ones and had to share them:

(Click above!  This guy is spot on and funny!  Plus you have to fall in love with the accent.)


Alright, did I give you enough to keep you busy?  Be sure to link up to the Facebook page for mini updates on the blog.  Every once and awhile I post something up there that I do not blog about.

Until Next Time,

~ Jeanne

There is No Pro in Progressive, What is progressive?

There is No Pro in Progressive

There is no Pro in progressive education.

 There are professionals.

 There is progress.

There is proactive thought and actions.

 There is product and most importantly process.

There is provocation.

But, there is no pro in progressive education.

There is not one person, not one teacher, not one advocate that can say they have mastered the implementation of progressive education.

Pro implies that one has perfected the task at hand.  Perfecting progressive education is impossible;  it is ever-changing and based on the moment of each child and classroom community.  There will be moments as educators that we just get it wrong.

This blog is dedicated to the journey of finding ways of getting it right.  I am not a pro.  I am in the process- I have the privilege of being an educator for a(n amazing) progressive nature based preschool program (just a hint of bias, but a heap of sincerity).  I believe we learn through experience and sharing our experiences.  Here you will find the things I have come to know about early childhood and the world of progressive education.

– Jeanne, Teacher at ALPOE

project pic slide 001  Jeanne is an early childhood educator for a progressive nature preschool in California.  She is a Western NY native.  She believes PLAY is a child’s work and learning platform.  When she is not submerged in her passion of teaching she is connecting with family and loved ones (including her adorable chocolate lab).

Credentials:  Educational Leadership Masters Extension Certificate from Pacific Oaks College, Masters in Reading and Literacy from Walden University, B.S. in Early Childhood Education from SUNY Fredonia

Teaching Experience:  Toddlers, Preschool/Pre-K, Head Start, K, 2nd, and Youth Soccer Coach.

Advocacy Work:  CCAEYC (affiliate of NYSAEYC & NAEYC), Learning through Play, Nature and Outdoor Play