Good Reads… and Brain Feeds

I want to know how you became so passionate and grounded in your field… how do I get there?  This question is tossed at me often.  I can’t tell you how to become passionate.  That is in you… but I can give you a little insight into my grounded-ness (if that can even be a word).  My foundation is strong because I am constantly seeking.  Much of my seeking is fed with reading and resources.  Some of my past blog posts share who you should know or what you should read ( and ).  However, the great thing about being progressive is you can’t just pull out today’s curriculum out of a box from last October.  You are constantly evolving and growing.  My spare time is not just spent throwing information out there but taking it in.  My school mailbox is often filled with good clips of info from my director, my bag often has a book or article in it to read, and my inbox is filled with snippets of great EC info and resources.  I often think … ooooohhhh…. when I am done with this I am going to write a great little blog review or I am going to share this.  The reality is my plate is full and I just can not review every good resource that passes my way.  So, here is a running list.  I will update it whenever I find something worthy and clip it with a caption.  There may be times when I actually do write up a review but for sanity’s sake many will just be quick posts here.    

July 2013 Recommendations


I will be honest I haven’t been excited about my issue of YC from NAEYC in a long time.  But this month when my issue landed on my counter with a pile of mail I was intrigued.  Assessement??? Ugh – oh!  Is NAEYC adopting more academic driven and less EC practices like I have noticed as of lately?  Nope!  Try again!  I was presently surprised!  This link takes you to a freebie but the whole journal was good so if you can get a copy from a friend I highly recommend it!



Big Body Play

mini drive 307 (My preschoolers love obstacle courses!),%20F.%20Rough%20Play.pdf

A mini version (community play things always has some good articles posted):


This was tossed into my hands by my awesome director and I have to say I am loving it!  Combines block play development, assessment, and ideas with history of EC – Fredrich Frobel – Physical Development Stages – Brain Development… it has it all.  Fast read and fills your brain with good stuff!block book


DVD August to June (Bringing Life to School)

august to june

Another little take home from my fab Director.  This really captures respecting children as whole children and community members beyond the preschool years.  Reminds me of Paula Rogovin quite a bit (which by the way, she is a must check out if you don’t know her).  This little video made me think about how inspiring it is to be in the EC world and how sad it is that not every school is like this.


so sexy

So Sexy So Soon

Just arrived in the mail!  I am excited to start it soon.  Diane Levin has an amazing understanding of how the outside world shapes children (and when I say outside I do not mean the good nature-y stuff.  I mean the stimuli that is unavoidable and we try to shield our children from media, sex, violence,  ….).  Her other publications are amazing.  If you are looking for resources on peace and conflict she is worth the read.


Dan Hodgins – Newsletters on his blog

So the other day our staff meeting included these great little tip sheets.  Many of the tips were things as EC people we know and have heard before but being reminded of them helps us reflect on our current practices and make sure we really are respecting children and being clear in our interactions with children.  I particularly like the one about choices.



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